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About us

Jholui Shapewear was started by my mother, who is a seamstress, in 2009 in Colombia. Colombia had become the go-to place world wide for plastic surgery, consequently we created shapewear for after aesthetic treatments. We noticed that women were buying our shapewear even if they didn’t have plastic surgery.
Our shapewear is very unique in that is lined in Colombian cotton which is perfect for daily use. We really loved this idea and thus we created new styles for women to look their best and boost their confidence on a daily basis without aesthetic treatments!!! This is when our business really flourished. The name Shapewear Jholui came from combining the names of my brother and I which are Jhoan and Luisa.

I moved to Miami in 2018. Right after I gave birth to my almost 10 lb son, I wore our shapewear everyday and within one month my stomach was flat again. My friend Andrea who had also had just given birth was in shock with my results. She is a Clinical Dietitian and was already eating healthy and exercising. As an American, she was not familiar with Colombian Shapewear. Needless to say she fell in love with our products when she wore our bodysuit under her dress at a wedding. It gave her that hourglass figure and the confidence she was looking for that she did not have 3 months postpartum with her third child. She was so excited about how she looked and felt that she wanted to bring Jholui Shapewear to America and worldwide so all women can enjoy the secrets of how Colombian women look so good.