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#LovetheShapeofYou: How to Choose the Best Shapewear for Your Body Type

What shape would you say your body most resembles? Or where do you first gain weight? If you have a circle (or apple) shape, you carry most of your weight in your mid-section.  A triangle shape (or pear) carries most of your weight in your thighs and butt.  An inverted triangle shape carries most of your weight in the top whether you have a big bust or you are an athlete with bigger shoulders and smaller hips. A rectangle shape is someone who does not have many curves and is very slender. An hourglass shape is a curvier shape with a smaller waist and bigger bust and hips.  You may fall into more than one category, but this guide will still help you pick the best shapewear for your body type. 

      First and foremost measure use a measuring tape to measure your waist and hips. For your waist: measure at the smallest part. For your hips: measure at the widest part. Use our size chart and your measurements to choose the correct size, not necessarily the size you order in other brands . If you are not sure, contact us. 


Circle shape:  High back waist trainers or medium compression waist trainers will tone your midsection.  Any of the bodysuits including medium compression will be great as well. The shorter versions of our bodysuits will give a curvier silhouette, while the longer versions will give an elongated look.  


Triangle shape:  The Parisian Bodysuit is a blend between a waist trainer and bodysuit will fit great to minimize your waist. Our Latin lover bodysuit has extra columns of hooks so you can have a tighter compression on your waist but still fit your hips nicely. Our Medium compression bodysuit will also fit well. The shorter look will create more curves and the longer legs will elongate your shape. You may need to size up on the Medium compression as there are no hooks so you have to step into it and pull it up over your hips.  The NYC butt lifter shorts are also a nice choice to tone your waist and hips while still accentuating your beautiful curves. Our Hollywood shorts will also be a great choice to elongate your figure, but do not have a high waist. You can always use any of our waist trainers to contour your waist even more. 


Inverted triangle shape:  Any of the waist trainers will give you a contoured waist. Any of the bodysuits provides a great lift for your butt and the medium compression short bodysuit will be great for that as well. Our South Beach butt lifter shorts will also be a great choice. High waist will accentuate your waistline more. You can use any of the longer shorts for a more elongated look. 


Rectangle shape:For this shape high compression waist trainers or bodysuits will provide the most curves. High waist South Beach shorts will also give the most  lift to the hips and butt. The shorter the shorts the more curvier your body will look. 


Hourglass shape: Any style will fit you well. If you want to accentuate your curves, shorter styles of the shorts or bodysuits will be perfect. If you want to elongate your curves our longer styles such as NYC is and Hollywood will be a better choice. If your waist is very tiny compared to your hips then our Latin lover bodysuit will be the best choice though we can custom make any length bodysuit for you.


Plus size: If your measurements do not fit into our size chart, please contact us we can custom make bodysuits or waist trainers to fit you perfectly.


Tall or Short: If your height is taller or shorter than average we can adjust the waist trainers and bodysuits to have more or less hooks. We have a shorter (2 rows shorter)  waist trainer in stock that will be updated on our website soon.


Custom made: If there is a style or size that we do not offer on our website, please contact us we may be able to custom order you a unique shapewear or we may already have it in stock as our stores in Colombia offer more styles that are not shown on our U.S. website. Please email us: 




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