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Waist Trainer and Postpartum Reshaping Collection

Curvy and Postpartum Bodysuits

Maximize your curves or promote your postpartum recovery

Waist Trainer

W/ Extension

Our Postpartum waist trainer is a great way to help speed up the process of flattening your stomach and adhering the skin back after having a baby or two ( not appropriate for C-section)

Waist Trainer

Parisian High Back Waist Trainer

Champs-Elysees here you come. Look perfect for a day of shopping or date night with our Parisian waist trainer. This corset style waist trainer can help you reduce up to 3 inches instantly while the cotton lining feels extremely comfortable against your skin.

Postpartum Body Suits

Adhere your skin back to your abdomen


South Beach Sleeveless Bodysuit

This is an extremely comfortable style for daily use. Perfect for creating a super smooth silhouette. A must have for any wardrobe!


South Beach - Endless Curves Bodysuit

Maximize your small waist and voluptuous curves with our South Beach endless curves bodysuit.  You can also enjoy the extra 2 rows of hooks as you lose weight post partum. 

Boost your confidence by contouring your body in all the right places


This is the best waist trainer I ever tried. It actually defines your waist to a beautiful shape. I have tried overs that dont really give you the shape you are looking for. This one makes you feel super confident. I love that it is lined in cotton. It is very comfortable once you get used to it. I recommend watching the video on how to put it on. I also love that I can throw it in the wash.


Satisfied Customer

This corset saved me after I had my third son! I was so sad about my after baby belly and was so happy I found this product! It sucks everything in and makes you feel slim and sexy again. It is also surprisingly comfortable!


Satisfied Customer

Let me start by saying I was apprehensive about shapewear. I have worn others that were really uncomfortable and expected this to be the same. But, luckily, it wasn’t! Takes a moment to figure out how to clip it, but then it gives you a great waist and a straight back and feels like you lost 10 lbs in a matter of seconds. Just like putting on a special dress, when wearing the shaper you feel “put together.” Easy to get out of and no problems with bra or panties (so no challenge in the bathroom). This fixes my belly and hips and is the perfect addition for a special occasion. Definitely recommend.


Satisfied Customer

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